CSU is a multi-sport organization; because of that, the membership form is a bit complicated. Reading this page should help clarify it. CSU memberships are on a calendar year basis, that is, all memberships expire on Dec 31. Renewal notices are usually sent out to the Orienteering and Ski Sections beginning in early November, and to The Running and Racewalking Sections in early December. Please respond to the renewal notice; we would rather be outside sweating than inside at the computer sending out reminders.

The annual dues for CSU are as follows:
      Family Membership: $30. Family membership includes up to 2 adults, and children up through the year in which
           they reach age of 18: children who are full-time students are included up through the year in which they reach
           the age of 21.
      Individual Membership: $20 for adults 19 and over, and $15 for juniors 18 years of age and under.

We accept multi-year memberships; just multiply the amount by the number of years you want to pay in advance.

You can set up a lifetime membership. The fees are $270 for an individual, and $400 for a family (Remember, chidren will be included only until they turn 18 or 21, as described above).

If you join between Sept 1 and Oct 31, dues for the remainder of the year are only half the annual cost, or, for 1.5 times the annual rate, you can extend your membership through the following year. If you join after Oct 31, your membership will automatically carry through the following year.


You can  register your membership online

or, you can use the following links to get the appropriate form in PDF format. You should be able to download and print out the form. If not, please contact me (see below), and I can either email a form or mail a hard copy.

When you fill it out, please include birth dates; CSU team organizers need to know people's ages for events that have age classes, Also, if you can accept phone calls at work, or have a cell phone, please include one of those phone numbers; that can be helpful to team organizers. We also hope that, if you have any special skills that you could use to help CSU in its operations, you will list those skills on the form.

In signing up for the different Sections, please sign up only for those that you plan to participate in, otherwise you may incur unnecessary costs to the club, since some of our expenses relative to the National Governing Bodies depend on membership numbers.

We urge all members to join the appropriate governing bodies for their sports. These are: Running and Race Walking - USA Track & Field/NE; XC Skiing - New England Nordic Ski Assoc; Orienteering - US Orienteering Federation. When you join such organizations, and are accredited to CSU, you will count for CSU in any team competitions you participate in. Please indicate your status on the form.



For further information on membership, contact me at: 

Larry Berman
23 Fayette St
Cambridge MA 02139-1111
ph: 617-868-7416
email: smlberman@verizon.net

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